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S.O.B. History

Essentially S.O.B. Was formed in memory of Mick Burgess, an ex serviceman of the SAS,

he was a personal friend to many of us.

Mick Passed away to the  great assault course in the sky in June 2001.

So we remember his favourite greeting

“ You Shower of Bastards”

He was known to his SAS pals as Burgess the Beast;

I’ll let your minds ponder on how he got that nickname ?????

Read more about Mick at the bottom of this page.


Si Burgess (The spoils of Mick's loins) started a commemorative club of round patchers in 2001,

numbers rose to approximately 100.


In 2008 we dabbled in forming a branch off club and called it

S.O.B. MCC, this was to promote meetings, ride outs and get together's / Piss Ups.

This unfortunately did not quite work out as some members wanted to

Get far too serious and detracted from the core values of the club.


So here we are in 2013,

We still have all our Historical friends who formed the initial commemorative club

and now Si and the most active S.O.B. Members; most of whom were original round patchers  

have a more active element of the SOB;

We can be identified by not only the round patch but an additional Rocker name badge

We have no rules and don’t tell people what to do with their life;

Except Enjoy yourself and leave your attitude at the door



The Wakes after Mick’s Funeral with some of his forces buddies
Wooden Mallet days